Cuttlefish ( Sepia officinalis ) is known as Cachón in the villages that surround the Bay of Santander. In other places it is known as Jibia or Choco.

During spring months this cephalopod approaches the coast in search of warmer waters to carry out breeding process. And it is in that moment at dawn, when it is captured by small boats along the Cantabrian coast by sustainable fishing gears like trammel nets. They enters the port the same day and they are auctioned at the fish market, practically alive.

Alalunga uses exclusively inshore fished cuttlefish. In our family since we remember, on special days we enjoyed this traditional recipe with white rice, as a main course. And this is a flavor that we have engraved on our minds and that we would like to share with everyone. Therefore, we have taken the license to rescue our grandmothers' recipe, with the firm intention of spreading the traditional Cantabrian Cachón all over the world.

Cuttlefish in its Own Ink

Cuttlefish in its own ink. Cuttlefish is known as Cachón in the Bay of Santander area; and as a tribute to one of the typical dishes of Cantabrian cuisine, we have rescued our family recipe to put it into a can. These cuttlefish from the Cantabrian Sea are captured by inshore fissery vessels by using sustainable fishing gears. In Artesanos Alalunga we handly make our creations from this fresh fish