We are Alvaro and Pablo, two brothers from Santander. Two years ago we had stable job outside of Cantabria and now we produce canned fish. There is no turning back now, just illusion and sacrifice: hours and hours and then more hours. There are no secrets..


After almost ten years studying and working away from home; living, absorbing and filling our bags with experiences; we receive the call of the Cantabrian Sea. And we get involved in this familiar life project that fulfills us and we come back to our homeland like attracted by a magnet, and we rebel aganist the idea that migration is the only viable option to thrive.


Our aim here in Alalunga is to combine the pure tradition of canning industry entrenched in the North of Spain with the possibilities provided by new technologies in order to develop the most exquisite products with all flavour of the Cantabrian Sea. We obtain our products after months of investigation looking for excellence. And we want to conquer the world with the flavour of our sea, because everybody has to know that when you talk about canned fish you are talking about Cantabria.