Magical fish emerges from the sea the old olive tree sprouts from the ground from the spring pure salt flows and from Alalunga the flavor of the Cantabrian Sea


Wild fish of the Cantabrian Sea is, undoubtedly, a treasure given by Mother Nature and we treat it as such. Today unfortunately few foods are not processed by men; however, ocean fish remain free in their original habitat until the moment they are caught. It is a top priority for us to be close to the coast and in continuous touch with the people of the sea. Every fish that is manipulated in Alalunga is selected and acquired at local fish markets by ourselves. We take them to our workshop and we handly craft them in fresh, as we are very close to the coast.


Product is the key in our project, without half measures. Fresh fish from the Bay of Biscay captured by inshore fissery vessels by using sustainable fishing gears and getting back to the port still alive. These fishermen love the sea and therefore the fish. We only manipulate specimens acquired in our local fish markets.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is part of our heritage, culture and gastronomy. And it is present in all the products we make. This is an extraordinary oil produced by the company Artajo from Navarra region. It is made from Arbequina variety olive trees and their late harvest brings the subtle and elegant character that allows to enjoy the wild fish in all its splendour.


Vegetables used in our recipes come from nearby gardens, season permitting. They are selected and natural vegetables that retain all their flavor, and so they fit perfectly with our workshop philosophy. Onions, garlic, green peppers, carrots and tomatoes. With them we elaborate bases for the traditional seafaring recipes that we offer. In summer many of the homegrown vegetables, including parsley, come from Ciuco's garden in the Cantabrian town of Ajo. There, the proximity of the sea brings a unique saline flavor to the products of the land.


This is undoubtedly basic to ensure the best possible results. We adjust to the season of each species to craft our products. Albacore is the star in summer; cuttlefish, of course, in spring and in autumn and winter hake takes a special role.


Salt is perhaps the fundamental ingredient in the history of the human being; Egyptians, Celts and Romans already used it as a means of payment and to preserve their food. Because of that we give it the importance it deserves. From Alava springs in the Valle de Añana, high quality mineral salt emerges. It is extracted naturally, only during the summer months, by evaporation caused by the sun. We only use this fabulous salt in our workshop.